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Hand Embellishment

We are experts in coloring and gilding of prints by applying gel, varnish and with hand embellishing techniques. We can transform any print into an original work, unique and different from others. Each piece has its own “music” and our experience and creative “handiwork” can be expressed in a better and more accurate way than the technological ability.

We offer our Arts and Crafts community, a wide range of stunning and enriching embellishment on prints. The enhancements are performed at a high level of performance by great artists, artisan and designers, which include:

  • Extremely high-quality acrylic varnish coating, glossy / matte / satin finish.
  • Gilding in several shades.
  • Embossing in the paper.
  • Paper Edge Cutting – Straight or rough manual cutting.
  • Advanced enhancement, such as using gel to create a brush texture.

Contact us at for any additional questions and for pricing quotes. We are happy to add our experience and our passion to your project, free of charge.