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The Jerusalem Art Print Studio was founded in 1996 in Jerusalem by Yair Medina, with a vision of becoming a Home for the Jewish Arts and Crafts Community, in Israel and worldwide.
The studio specializes in photography and art scanning, advanced image processing, the preparation of limited-edition prints as well as the production of artist books, artistic objects and art-based products.
The studio performs every task to the highest international standards and quality, by utilizing and operating a state-of-the-art technologies and using the world’s finest materials.
Thanks to our dedicated and professional team and the rich experience we have gained from collaborating with master’s craftsmen, artists, photographers and designers, we are proud to successfully fulfilling the many tasks and projects that are bestowed to us every day, helping many artists to earn their living and receive recognition in Israel and around the world.
Our studio is open to visitors and you are welcome to visit us in advance and to be impressed by our spectacular prints samples and our diverse display of techniques, media, and works options offered to our Arts and Crafts Community.
To schedule an appointment: 02-6724405

This is a place where there is never no. There is maybe the answer “not yet,” but there is always this constant pushing of the limits of the technology and the papers to find a way to do something