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Imagine a Revolutionary Digital Camera that Surpasses Conventional Standards. Envision the Integration of Intelligent and Adjustable Lighting Components, Elevating the Illumination to Unprecedented Levels of Precision. Now, Upgrade the Camera's Lens to the Pinnacle of Optical Quality, Ensuring the Finest Level of Clarity and Detail Capture. Expand the Dimensions of this Camera in Your Mind, Transforming it into a Vast Space, Resembling Half a Room. Within this Expanded Camera, Envision an Opening Where Your Artwork is Carefully Placed. Once Inside, No Further Action is Necessary, as Our Highly Skilled Operator Possesses Extensive Expertise in Operating this Specialized Equipment. Envision the Internal Table of the Camera Gracefully Moving Back and Forth Beneath the Extraordinary Lens, Adeptly Capturing Every Intricate Detail of Your Artwork. Remarkably, this Camera can even Capture Images through Glass and within a Frame, Providing a Comprehensive Portrayal of Every Angle, Crease, Brush Stroke, and Nuanced Texture of the Artwork. Prepare Yourself for a Visual Feast, as the Colors Captured by this Remarkable Camera may Offer a Fresh and Distinctive Perspective, Unveiling Hues and Tones that may Surprise and Delight Your Eyes. Experience the Fusion of Cutting-Edge Technology and Artistic Vision, Bringing Forth a Truly Unique Rendition of Your Artwork.

10 Interesting Facts About the Product
You'll Receive from the Cruse Scanner

Capable of providing wrinkle-free scanning and can support weights up to 300 kg.

For a single scan, we can capture up to 120×180 at a height of 25 cm. For larger originals, we can scan them in two to four parts

It captures the color of the original in 48 bits, which expresses trillions of colors with each scan. To put it into perspective, the Phaze-one digital camera captures images in 16 bits, which means our scanner captures 4 times more color information than our most advanced digital camera!

When taking a photo with a digital camera, it’s difficult to get an entirely even and stable image. The resulting corrections can also impact the file’s quality. With our scanning process, the artwork is placed flat on the scanning bed; this ensures that the photo remains stable and uniform throughout, including all edges of the work, regardless of its size.

Yes, you hear it right! No more struggling to achieve the perfect scan!

The Cruse scanner is unique in its ability to scan objects in both 2D and 3D, making it possible to capture models of various materials with perfect texture preservation. Whether it’s wood, ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, blueprints, or objects in the field of industrial design like furniture, the Cruse scanner can handle it all

The scanning process with the Cruse scanner is fast and efficient, taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

With the Cruse scanner, there is no need to touch or move the artwork being scanned. The scanner captures the artwork from five different angles without disturbing it in any way, from the moment it is placed on the table until the scan is complete.

Our adapted lenses, designed by experts for art scanning, deliver dense and rich resolution that produces unparalleled sharpness right from the scanning stage. Quality scanning is the foundation for quality reproduction

Once your creation is complete, the artistic possibilities are endless. Here are some examples to help inspire your imagination.

Worth Watching!

The Cruse Scanner revolutionizes surface capture worldwide with unparalleled
precision and quality, a game-changer in the world of art prints.

At JFAP, we take pride in staying at the forefront of technology.

Experience it for yourself – watch the video to see the Cruse Scanner in action.

For What Purpose Is the Cruse Used?

Art Scans

Preparation of a super high quality file for creating art, a file suitable for art print, catalog or conversion of art to NFT.​

Technical Scans

Scans for the needs of technical processing of works of art that serve a variety of technical production processes.

Scanning Rare Documents

Scanning personal, family and institutional archives, and creating files at different levels of quality or price according to the needs of the project.

Scanning the Source Texture

Scan to 3D file or separation into pattern layers.

Scanning Old Maps

1:1 map scanning without distortion and without fear of damaging the original. Really suitable for archives of all kinds - simply excellent up to the size of 120x180 cm and definitely suitable for larger.

Scanning 3D Art

Scanning reliefs, mosaics and art up to a height of 25 cm with experiential quality on a different level.

Artistic uses

There's a whole world of possibilities once you finally complete your piece, here are some examples to help spark your imagination

Archival purposes

Scanning artwork, antiquities, and documents in the early stages ensures that they are forever documented. This is especially important as these items are often exposed to natural weathering or stored in less-than-ideal conditions.


A high-quality file means a significant increase that allows printing in a wide variety of sizes and in accordance with the requirements of your customers.


Once scanned, many artists choose to produce copies of their work for sale. This enables them to sell more pieces at more affordable prices, making their artwork more accessible to a wider audience

3D Texture

Whether created intentionally or unintentionally, texture plays a significant role in defining the character of an artwork. Our scanning technology allows for the preservation of this texture, resulting in a realistic print that can resemble an optical illusion.

Printing Artist books

When creating artist books, it's crucial to represent your art in the best possible way. Using a high-quality scan, you can create a stunning work biography or a book that is a work of art in itself.

Printing on different materials

A high-quality file, carefully calibrated and processed, opens up a new world of printing on diverse materials such as: canvas, aluminum, perspective.. Let's also mention that there is an option to print your art on ready-made products - mezuzahs, cubes, clocks.. the possibilities are endless!

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