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Laser Cutting

As a leading workshop in the field of paper cutting in Israel and around the world, we produce paper cut-outs through laser cutting. We are the pioneers of print cut and laser cut cutouts, using a technique that combines printing and cutting, with maximum accuracy and perfect coordination. The results we are proud to produce are high quality of cutting and precision of the printed cut of an international scale. We are experts in producing inscriptions in laser cut and the studio provides specialized services for Jewish inscription and Judaica (Judaica) cutters, such as handling the writing of text.

We will prepare the laser cutting files for you and perform the cutting with high quality and maximum precision on paper, cardboard, parchment and other materials.

We also have the ability to make high quality (vector) cropping files, both manually and scanned – image processing into a segment by converting a pixel to vector (vectorization).

We have laser cutting machines up to 110×130 cm in size, through which we make quality cutting; both Clean and accurate. Additionally;

  • We can cut on larger surfaces, according to pre-planning.
  • We can cut all types of paper and cardboard, including parchment and plexiglass.
  • We carry out both single-unit and commercial quantity work in many copies.

Contact us at for any additional questions and for pricing quotes. We are happy to add our experience and our passion to your project, free of charge.