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Streched Canvas Eco

Discover Our High-Quality Art Paper, Perfect For All Types Of Prints. Its Durable Physical Resistance To Scratches And Moisture Make It An Excellent Choice For Any Project, All At A Reasonable Price.  Learn More Here.

All Printing Prices Include Margins For Stretching. All Stretched Printing Prices Include Both Printing And Stretching.

Maximum Width For Printing (Including Margins For Stretching) Is 160 Cm | Maximum Width Of The Print Itself After Stretching (On The Small Side) Is 144 Cm. 

The Canvas Stretching Process Is Completed Using High-Quality Wooden Profiles In Three Thicknesses: 2.5 Cm, 3.5 Cm, And 4.5 Cm. 

The Minimum Price For Ordering Prints Is 150 NIS | Minimum Price For A Single Print Is 55 NIS. 

Our Execution Time:

Printing From An Existing File: 2-3 Working Days / Printing From A New File: 2-3 Days From The Date Of Scanning Approval. 

For Stretching, It Takes Approximately 2-3 Working Days; In Addition,. 

All Of Our Prices Include VAT And Refer To One Print Only.


Product artistic technical description for certificates or on a web site:

Excellent Ink print on premium quality Canvas.


Streched Eco Canvas

Starting from 80 ₪

Suggested prices: